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Authorized Dealer of Carrier HVAC Products

At Omni Mechanical Services, we’re committed to providing your family or business with high-quality and reliable HVAC equipment to keep you comfortable throughout the year. We are a proud dealer and installer of Carrier heating and cooling products in the South Windsor, CT area. Since 1902, Carrier has been a leading innovator in home heating and air conditioning and continues its tradition of manufacturing high-performance equipment over 100 years later. Carrier’s HVAC products help you achieve the comfortable, efficient, and controlled home of your dreams—a Carrier Home. Contact us to learn more.

carrier gas furnace

The Comfort™ 95 Natural Gas Furnace

This condensing gas furnace contains a second chamber to squeeze additional heat out of the water vapor and gas exhaust produced when creating heat for your home. The result is an incredibly energy-efficient unit with a 96.5% annualized fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratio. It delivers warmth while saving you money with additional features, including an electrically efficient blower motor and additional speed options. This unit is ENERGY STAR® certified.

carrier ac unit

Carrier Comfort® Series 16 Seer Air Conditioner

The Comfort series is designed to provide simple, efficient, and affordable cooling. An air conditioner's efficiency is based on its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). With a SEER rating as high as 17 with this model, you can enjoy comfortable, cool temperatures without a huge hit to your wallet. This is an ENERGY STAR™ certified product with quiet operation and various sizes available to fit most homes. Our experienced technicians will determine which size unit is best for your house.

carrier ac unit

Carrier Infinity® Air Conditioner with Green Speed

The Infinity line of products is Carrier's most advanced technology. They incorporate next-generation innovation into extremely energy-efficient air conditioning products that combine enhanced cooling, extra energy-efficient features, and ultra-quiet operation. What makes this unit so unique is the Infinity® System Control, which uses a variable-speed compressor. The result is an appliance that instinctively adapts to the needs of your home, only using the amount of cooling required at any given time. The unit can operate longer, steadier, and at a lower capacity, saving you energy.

Schedule an Estimate for Carrier Heater and AC Installation

For affordable products you can count on to warm and cool your home, contact Omni Mechanical Services in South Windsor, CT to learn more about Carrier heating and cooling equipment. We are an authorized dealer and installer and honor all warranties on these fantastic appliances. Contact our team to schedule a quote today.

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